Coronavirus Covid-19 impact on Travel

Due to the recent outbreak of the coronavirus, airports and airlines around the world have taken proactive measures such as restricting airport and flight operations.

We are currently doing all we can to handle all customer service requests with more resources than ever and large groups working overtime and weekends. But right now the pressure on our call centers, as with our colleagues in the industry, is unprecedented with the consequence that the waiting time at our call centers is extraordinarily long.

We kindly ask that you only call us if you have a flight that departs within the next 10 days

Please read this before contacting us:

1.   We advise you to verify online on the airline’s web pages if an airline permits any refunds or changes before contacting us.

2.   We cannot answer general questions over the phone or email at all at this time. If your flight has a later departure date than within 10 days we cannot handle your errand at this moment. All errands that are non-urgent will be handled in order.

3.   Please understand that waiting times at this moment are much longer than normal.

4.   We are handling all cases in the order that we receive them and we will inform you as soon as we have an update in your case. Depending on the delays from airlines a refund payment can take between 2 weeks to almost a year.

5.   If you have an active customer-service request we kindly ask you not to call or email again as that will only make our queues longer.

6.   Regarding cancellations of your booking: 

·       If you have not received a cancellation confirmation from us 72 hours before departure, please contact the airline to cancel your ticket. 

·       If you have canceled your ticket with the airline please email us to request any potential refund. 

7. If your journey already have started, you area broad and your return trip is cancelled.

1.    Contact the airline on site for assistance with rebooking