Flexi Book Premium (AFBP)

Often according to the airline's rules, airline tickets can not be changed or are usually non-refundable.

However, if you during booking process purchase our service Flexi Book Premium (AFBP) you will get full flexibility and a refund guarantee. You can choose to rebook regardless of the airline's rules or cancel for no reason and receive a refund of 80% of the original value of the flight ticket when booking, according to the conditions below.

Our service Flexi Book Premium (AFBP) gives you two products gathered into one discounted service package. 

Here briefly summarized. The full description in the links below.

    Flexi Book – Rebookable ticket (AFB) which allows you to

o    Rebook for free

o    Change date for outbound trip

o    Change date for inbound trip

o    Avoid our rebooking fees and / or possibly the airline's fees

Here you can read more about our service. Flexi Book - Rebookable ticket (AFB) and conditions: Link

    Flexi Book Plus '-Cancel for no reason – no hassle*

o    For You who want to be able to cancel for no reason 

o    Cancellation must be made no later than +24 hours before departure. 

o    We pay you money. You avoid hassle with vouchers or the like

o    Refunds are made at 80% of the value of the pure flight ticket

Here you can read more around our Service , Flexi Book Plus (AFB+), cancel for no reason and conditions.: Link